FORJAS DE BERRIZ located in Berriz, the Basque Country, was founded in 1914 and it has become one of the most well known Forging Companies because of its extended experience developing and fabricating components by means of hot drop forging. The company was set up as a manufacturer of pieces for the agricultural sector. Throughout the years the company has developed and has given several solutions to other sectors such as automotive, heavy vehicle, hydraulic and petrochemical industry, among others.

Since the very beginning FORJAS DE BERRIZ has evolved with a unique goal: our customers’ satisfaction and the continuous improvement in terms of quality. For this reason, our priority is to ensure the compliance with the quality of our pieces and deadlines.


In FORJAS DE BERRIZ we supply ready to assemble parts, which go straight to the production lines of our customers. Always depending on our customers’ requirements, we are able to supply drop forged parts including machining, coatings or assembling.

Besides the design, we also fabricate and do the maintenance of all the forging dies and toolings. As all the stages of the design and of the fabrication are carried out in our facilities, we can guarantee the control, quality, flexibility and quick reaction of the process.

  • 5 forging lines with presses up to 2.000 Tn
  • Parts weight-rank up to 12Kg aprox
  • Production batches: 300-30.000 pieces
  • Carbon Steels, alloyed and stainless
  • 80% exported

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